1. Fitted Kitchens
  2. Dining rooms
  3. Stays
  4. Bedrooms
  5. Lounges
  6. Mattresses
  7. Camerette

Fitted Kitchens

DSC_7087On kitchen all to live, that is well adapted to measure or furnishing of other spaces, Furniture Castles presents its wide selection of modular kitchens. In addition to the lacquered kitchen, you can choose the kitchen in wood or laminate for a style that is classic, traditional or modern depending on your tastes and your needs.

Dining rooms

DSC_7136A dining room is a space that represents the soul of a house. From classic to modern, vintage style to the minimalist chic, Furniture Castles offers an extensive display of furniture and furnishing elements for a place to live, every day and every moment.


DSC_7133A tailor living for every need, functional, modern or more traditional? Furniture Castles offers a full catalog of furniture for stays, between sofas and armchairs, storage walls,tables, chairs and bookcases spanning every style and taste. Decorating becomes easier and faster, with all the quality selected materials and a wraparound design, that leaves plenty of room for creativity.


DSC_7196The bedroom dream has become reality with Furniture Castles. The infinite variety of choice between classical and modern, minimal-chic luxury or style allows everyone to choose what you most want, with a wide selection of furniture items. For the bedrooms of children and teenagers, also, compose the ideal room becomes quick and easy.


DSC_7138A relaxation area where you can spend pleasant moments of the day must be furnished with taste, but also with elements of furniture quality. Furniture Castles offers a range of tailor-made sofas and armchairs, small tables and bookcases that give personality to each lounge, for a hospitable home, comfortable and cared for in every detail.


DSC_7118For a restful sleep, each bedroom must have a mattress resistant, perfectly ergonomic and high quality. Furniture Castles presents a wide selection of networks a doghe, networks spring, Latex mattresses and memory, pillows and accessories for beds, individual and for one and a half.


DSC_7116The Furniture for children's rooms Castles for Children all have a place to live, thanks to the clever use of space and ideal solutions for every need. The bedroom becomes essential, Full and rich in style, without sacrificing security, even for the smallest.